An elf goes out of his way to avoid becoming a gift in this delightful holiday ad

Animators AgainstAllOdds worked on the festive offering from Swiss retailer Manor

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Nov 19, 2018

Editor's Pick

The U.K. already has dropped a number of its holiday ads,  and now, other European retailers are starting to unveil theirs too. One of the most charming so far comes from Swiss department store Manor, which comes up with an original tale of an elf who's worried about becoming a Christmas gift.

Created by BETC and delightfully animated by directors' collective AgainstAllOdds (the Swedish talents behind the likes of the Spanish Lottery's award-winning "Justino") via Passion Paris, the story shows how a little boy accidentally opens a door at Manor and sees Santa's elves preparing for the holidays in the workshop behind it. An elf notices, tries to hide and slams the door shut, but it's too late: the little kid is drawing a picture of the elf and posting it to Santa. 

Imagining himself being boxed up and subjected to all kinds of boisterous play, the elf goes out of his way to turn a cuddly toy bear into a likeness of himself. However, when he sees how much the kid loves and cherishes his new toy, he has a change of heart.