This App Can Detect When a Guy 'Manterrupts' a Woman

BETC Sao Paulo Developed Campaign for International Women's Day

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Mar 06, 2017

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Brazilian agency BETC Sao Paulo has created a campaign for International Women's Day highlighting the issue of "manterruption" -- when a man rudely interrupts a woman -- that includes developing an app that can detect when the deed is taking place.

Women Interrupted uses the microphone to detect when a man is interrupting a woman in full flow, and shows up an alert on your smartphone -- it's designed to highlight the issue for men, as well as women.

To promote the campaign and app, the agency created a video, seen here, that includes some real-life "manterruptions," both famous and not so well-known They include Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift's speech at the VMAs, Adele being interrupted by James Corden and Hillary Clinton being interrupted during a live MSNBC interview, as well as a range of female interviewers being rudely cut off.

As well as the app store, the app can be downloaded at a website that BETC has designed around the issue, where you can find out more about the incidence of Manterruption.

"At first glance, it may seem like a small problem, but it reflects deeper issues of gender inequality at work and in society. The app is a way of showing that, in fact, the interruption is real and alarming," says Gal Barradas, founder and Co-CEO of BETC Sao Paulo. Ms Barradas is the only female representative in the ranking of the ten most admired advertisers by top-executives in Brazil, according to a 2017 Agency Scope study by Scopen Consultancy.


Mar 06, 2017
BETC-Sao Paulo
BETC-Sao Paulo
BETC-Sao Paulo

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