Ahead of the Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch Visits Houston, Scotland, for Skittles

Bagpipes, Kilts and a Skittles-Branded Bike

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Jan 30, 2017

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Ahead of the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas, Skittles sends Marshawn Lynch to a lesser-known Houston, in Scotland, in an online video.

The film, by Skittles' PR agency Olson Engage, sees former Seahawks player Lynch (who has appeared in Skittles promotional efforts previously, around the 2015 Super Bowl) visit a kiltmaker, play the bagpipes and learn about Scottish castles, while riding a Skittles-branded bike. The gentle humor is derived mostly from his interactions with local people about the Super Bowl -- his expression when one woman tells him people stay up till "ridiculous o'clock" to watch it, is priceless.

Skittles' actual Super Bowl spot, created by Adam & Eve/DDB, is celebrity-free this year and features a humorous take on a love story, in the brand's trademark zany style.