Martha Stewart recommends Postmates so you don't lose a finger

Latest funny ads from Mother L.A. feature even weirder scenarios with incompetent cooks

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Aug 29, 2019

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Earlier this year, Martha Stewart empathized with those of us who aren’t so crafty or skilled at cooking and entertaining by recommending an alternative: Postmate It. 

A series of humorous spots from Mother L.A. illustrated how clueless Millennials in sticky situations can easily turn to the delivery platform when their meal-making endeavors go awry. (Like when your oddball roommate decides to devour all your eggs). 

The scenarios get even weirder in a new round of ads featuring ambitious amateur chefs, including one guy (above) who decides to try making homemade fries—but loses something important in the process.

Other spots depict an office worker who decides to grill (at her desk), and a woman still pining over her ex while attempting to make a Greek salad. 




The spots are set to debut next week, but Postmates decided to treat its users via email to a special preview of the ads, complete with “cute” graphics teasing the scenarios within:

Postmates_Severed Finger