Dos Equis and Oculus Rift Are Throwing a Party and You Could Score an Invite

Just Help 'The Most Interesting Man In the World' Find One of His Prized Possessions

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Oct 29, 2014
Masquerade - Little Black Book

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Fans of interactive games, choose-your-own-ending stories and the occasional pint may enjoy this digital experience out of Havas Worldwide. Participants will find the perpetually polished Most Interesting Man in The World in need of their help as he hunts down his missing little black book. He grants players the opportunity to poke around his lair -- um, sorry, manor -- and those who succeed in their missions could win a ticket to the masquerade Dos Equis will hold in New Orleans on Nov. 22. The brand has also teamed up with virtual-reality pros Oculus Rift to allow patrons at select bars around the country to attend the festivities remotely as "guests of honor."


Oct 29, 2014
Brand :
Dos Equis
Client :
Dos Equis
Agency :
Havas New York
Chief Creative Officer :
Darren Moran
Executive Creative Director :
Jim Hord
Creative Director :
Paul Fix
Creative Director :
Jamie Overkamp
Associate Creative Director, Art Director :
Matthew Hock
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter :
David Fredette
Global Chief Content Officer :
Vin Farrell
Head of Content, North America :
Rich Rosenthal
Co-Head of Production :
Sylvain Tron
Executive Producer :
Jill Meschino
Producer :
Jane Minehan
Senior Digital Producer :
Charles Lano
Associate Producer :
Adam Zion
Business Affairs Director :
Cathy Pitegoff
Senior Business Manager :
Heather Weissman
Senior Strategist :
Stacey Kawahata
Production Company :
m ss ng p eces
Executive Producer :
Ari Kuschnir
Executive Producer :
Brian Latt
Executive Producer :
Kate Oppenheim
Director :
Felix Lajeunesse
Director :
Paul Raphael
Director :
Patrick Sherman
Director :
Jordan Fish
Director, Photography :
Damian Acevedo
Head of Production :
Dave Saltzman
Line Producer :
Paul Middlemiss
Virtual Reality Post Production and Camera Technology :
Felix & Paul Studios
Editorial :
Studio 6
Executive Producer :
Melati Pohan
Editor :
Tom Vogt
Assistant Editor :
Craig Vitrone
Visual Effects :
The Mill - New York
Executive Producer :
Verity Grantham
Producer :
Will Mok
Director, Visual Effects/2D Lead Artist :
Westley Sarokin
Shoot Supervisor :
Westley Sarokin
Shoot Supervisor :
Vince Baertsoen
2D Artist :
Richard Lyons
2D Artist :
Dan Giraldo
2D Artist :
Burtis Scott
2D Artist :
Anne Trotman
2D Artist :
Jeff Robins
2D Artist :
Alex Drieblatt
2D Artist :
Emily Bloom
2D Artist :
Molly Intersimone
3D Lead Artist :
Vince Baertsoen
3D Lead Artist :
Gregory Gangemi
3D Artist :
Xuan Seifert
3D Artist :
Paolo Cogliati
Colorist :
Fergus McCall
Music, Sound Design, Audio Post :
Managing Director/Executive Producer :
Marlene Bartos
Executive Producer :
Gerard Smerek
Creative Director/Composer :
Mike Dragovic
Mixer/Sound Designer :
Weston Fonger
Assistant Mixer :
Philippe Lesaux
Interactive Video Technology :
Executive Creative Director :
Jason Musante

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