Math Notes

Capital C's New Dorm Life-Inspired Campaign Comes Just in Time for the Back-To-School Shopping Season

Published On
Aug 14, 2013

Editor's Pick

Toshiba and Capital C, Toronto -- the brand's Canadian agency of record, provide a fresh take on product demonstrations in this new college-themed campaign showcasing the merits of the brand's tablets, laptops and desktops.

The effort features three brotacular scenarios, including this one titled "Black Light." The spot doesn't pull any punches in illustrating what happens when some people (read: college boys) are left alone in a room. This spot, "Math Notes," provides an oh-so-important lesson about double checking names of attachments one plans to send. The last spot, "Chicken Prank," shows what a lifesaver the touch screen can be. The spots were directed by Untitled Films' Aleysa Young.

Outside of showing how handy Toshiba can be in dorm room situations, the campaign also acts as a helpful PSA to college students reminding them to expect a total loss of privacy and obliteration of boundaries when bunking with another kid.