McDonald's (Canada) : Why Our Food Looks Better in Ads Than in Real Life -- Best of 2012 TV #7

All you've ever wanted to know about McDonald's.

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Jun 20, 2012

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Why does McDonald's food look so good in ads (plump bun, juicy patty, leafy lettuce) and so flat in real life? Does the meat really come from tubes? Why is Micky D's so cheap? And are chicken nuggets made from crushed bones?

McDonald's Canada is taking on these questions -- some of which have become the stuff of urban legend -- in 'Your Questions,' a dedicated website that gathers queries and answers them, sometimes through videos like this one, and sometimes with just a comment from a McDonald's exec.

It seems like a bit of an unusual campaign for the company, which hasn't ever really approached these issues before. Questions are coming in fast, and are being answered one by one, each time signed off on by a real person. People also have the ability to 'follow' an unanswered question and wait for it to be resolved. Some answers are satisfying: We love the utter honesty in this video that shows how much time it really takes to make the food look that good for commercials. But some just fall flat. For example, McDonald's Canada president John Betts' standard-issue "economies of scale" answer to "Why is the food so cheap?"


Jun 20, 2012
Production Company:
Jon and Torey
Tribal DDB-Toronto
McDonald's (Canada)
McDonald's (Canada)
Director, Photography:
Todd M Duym

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