Tarana Burke’s next chapter of the ‘Me Too’ movement moves beyond the hashtag

The activist worked with FCB/Six on a new campaign and digital platform powered by blockchain technology

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Oct 15, 2020

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It’s been three years since the #MeToo movement went viral, and yet the issue of sexual violence continues to be a major issue for women around the world.

“Me Too” founder and civil rights activist Tarana Burke is launching the next chapter of the movement with a new campaign and community-driven digital platform that aims to advance the movement from just a hashtag to a way for activists to take actionable accountability.

Burke worked with Toronto-based FCB’s creative data marketing agency, FCB/Six, on “Me Too. Act Too.” The new platform, at acttoo.metoomvmt.org, lays out ways activists can take action against sexual violence while also tracking and recording the steps they make toward their goal.

“Awareness is nothing without action and that’s what we wanted to convey in our next act,” said Burke in a statement. “Today, we all have the chance to write another chapter, and to contribute to everyday activism as simple as joining a march or reading a book.”

The site is powered by a recommendation engine modeled after e-commerce sites that allows visitors to choose from nearly 1,000 actions, such as volunteering at an event to donating money. Users can plan out their “to-do lists” and cross items off as they achieve them.

The site uses a public blockchain so that users’ promises and actions taken on the site are permanently recorded and cannot be erased or removed. For every action that is taken, a picture of a survivor forms a “mural” on the website of history’s female activists like Harriet Jacobs and Rosa Parks.

“We like the poetry of when you take action, you help bring each of those moments to life and you become part of the movement’s history,” said FCB/Six global president Andrea Cook in a statement. “Through a novel application of blockchain for activism, FCB/SIX wanted to create a living, irrefutable record of the survivors and allies that can never be erased.”

In a minute-long spot promoting the site, Burke is seen in a theater. The spotlight shines on her, and she describes the rise of the #Me Too movement against footage of women speaking out against sexual violence and scenes of peaceful marchers. “No matter who you are, you can act too,” she states, and stands up in her chair, raising her phone above her head as though it was a fist.

The campaign and platform comes just as the “Me Too” movement announces its first chief executive officer, Dani Ayers, who previously served as Chief Operations Officer. 



Oct 15, 2020
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