Mechanics Swarm Like Zombies Over an Audi

Crazed Mechanics Chase the Car in Epic Service Ad From Germany

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Feb 27, 2015

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In this dramatic ad from German agency Thjnk to promote Audi's service contracts, an Audi glides through a desert landscape when its service light blinks on. However, it bypasses all the rundown local garages where the mechanics, drawn to it like Walkers sniffing some live meat, come out and follow it until we see a whole swarm of them chasing the car.

Of course, it's headed to the Audi garage, where the doors slam shut on the now thousands of crazed mechanics.

The spot, directed by Radical Media's Sebastian Strasser, was shot over four days in Los Angeles. The ambitious crowd scenes, which feel like something out of World War Z, impart intensity to the ad, although according to producer Christoph Petzenhauser, about two-thirds of the ad was shot in-camera. In perhaps the most impactful scene, where a horde of mechanics roll around the bend of the street, "We shot 50 extras and 10 stunt guys and added the FX component to it," he said.