An Octogenarian EMT Is the Star of Poland Spring's Latest Ad

Campaign by FCB N.Y. Will Profile Amazing Residents of the Northeast

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Mar 21, 2017

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Poland Spring is highlighting amazing residents from the Northeast region (where it's sourced) in its latest campaign, taglined "Greatness Springs from Here," starting with 88-year-old EMT Edna Mitchell.

The first 30-second ad of the campaign, by FCB New York, shows Edna out at work in Maine, still helping patients into ambulances in her 80s. She also shares her thoughts on exercise, getting things done and being "too old" for her job in other online video clips.

FCB New York executive creative director Stu Mair commented on the campaign: "We often overlook the greatness that's right in front of us ... like the Edna Mitchells of the world, who do extraordinary things for their communities on a daily basis. Edna's age will never get in the way of her passion to save lives. That's what makes her story so special and inspiring to the brand. Plus, she still does twenty military-style pushups a day, which is crazy."