America's 'John Smiths' Highlight Human Diversity in Latest 'Love Has No Labels' Film

Ad Council Extends Campaign With Facebook Creative Shop Studio

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Dec 08, 2016

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The Ad Council has extended its award-winnning "Love Has No Labels" campaign with a film that highlights diversity and discrimination by focusing on some of the many Americans named "John Smith."

John Smith is the most common name in America, yet the people chosen to appear in the film are very different. They've all, also, suffered some kind of discrimination in their lives, whether over their sexuality, religion, age, disability, race or gender. The spot shows the different John Smiths meeting for the first time, and highlights that they are all humans, and that love should surpass any of the above.

The Ad Council worked with Facebook's Creative Shop Studio on the videos, which were filmed in Facebook's new vertical ad format. Previous spots in the 'Love Has No Labels' campaign were created by R/GA.

"At a time when it feels hard for our country to find common ground, it is important to remind people of the beautiful diversity that makes up our country -- a diversity that should not only be accepted but also celebrated," said Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council. "We hope that this poignant creative will encourage viewers to examine the critical role each of us plays in creating an inclusive and accepting environment for others."