This Travel Site Stunt Asks People to Choose Between Cash or Their Memories

Stunt From From Don't Panic Emphasizes What Travel Means to Us

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Dec 06, 2017

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How important is travel to you? Travel website decided to remind us by offering people a (fictional) choice: your memories or a whole lot of money.

In a stunt by the brand, volunteers were asked to take part in a "scientific experiment" and hooked up to brain activity measurement equipment. They were asked to recall a treasured memory about a trip they'd taken. Then, they were asked if they would allow the coordinator to delete that memory, in return for a hefty cash fee. The answer is a unanimous "no." "What are we without our memories?" asks one guy quite reasonably after recalling an amazing trip to Macchu Pichu.

Agency Don't Panic conceived the stunt; it's better known for its hard-hitting PSAs for charities like Save the Children, but then again maybe this is an edgy subject--remember "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?