Recalling a password is a memory challenge nightmare in Apple's latest iPhone X spot

Ad directed by Ringan Ledwidge promotes Face ID unlock feature in a high-stakes gameshow scenario

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Jul 09, 2018

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Apple's latest iPhone X spot promotes its Face ID unlock feature by dramatizing a moment that'll be horribly familiar to many viewers: that one where where you can't recall a password you've only just created.

The spot, directed by Ringan Ledwidge, puts the situation into a nightmarish scenario of a high-stakes gameshow where recalling the password is a terrifying memory challenge. Our protagonist is seated on a stage in front of a huge audience when he's asked to recall the online banking password he created that morning.

Anxiety builds and audience members literally pass out at the idea of this immense challenge, as the man struggles through a series of different (incorrect) attempts to guess his own password, under a looming countdown clock and the compere's hand lingering over a buzzer. At the last moment, he looks down to his iPhone X, where its Face ID automatically unlocks his app and he can finally breathe easy.


Jul 09, 2018
Brand :
Director :
Ringan Ledwidge

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