Kids 'Mentor' Adults as They Talk to Strangers in Funny Mentos Social Experiment

Online Film Underlines New Tagline 'Who Says No to Mentos?'

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Nov 11, 2015

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The starting point for Mentos' latest campaign is this: offering a Mentos is like a "real-life friend request," but most adults will actually do anything to avoid contact with other people. Kids, meanwhile, are better at connecting with people openly.

In this online film, the candy brand gets a bunch of five-year-olds to "mentor" some adults -- via earpieces -- as they start conversations with complete strangers. Some of the interactions are hilariously direct (we're not sure what eventually happened with the middle-aged guy who was asked, "Are you going to die soon?" but we hope the interview started going better) and some are just sweet (playing pattycake and asking, "Do you want to come round my house?").

At the end of each interaction, they offer to share their packet of Mentos, as the point of the campaign is to underline Mentos' new global tagline, "Who says no to Mentos?"

BBH London created the film, and it was directed by Matt Pollock at Indy8.


Nov 11, 2015
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