Annoying Cab Ride Has Great Ending for Soccer Fan, Thanks to MasterCard

Spot Was Filmed at UEFA Champions League Final in June

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Jul 29, 2015

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A diehard soccer fan gets a MasterCard "Priceless Surprise" courtesy of German player Michael Ballack in this spot, part of the credit card brand's ongoing campaign that rewards its customers.

In the brand's most ambitious film to date, shot just before the start of this year's UEFA Champion's League final in Berlin on June 6, a newlywed soccer fanatic is taken on what seems to be a wild goose chase taxi ride when all he wants to do is find a bar to watch the game with his best friend. It's only when they pull up at the stadium that the annoying cab driver turns out to be retired German soccer star Michael Ballack in disguise. McCann Bucharest, Octagon and director Olli Waldhauer of The Dons were responsible.

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