Grab Some Tissues: It's Microsoft's Super Bowl Ad

Technology's Power, Showcased

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Feb 02, 2014

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Apple was a no-show on Sunday night's Super Bowl, but one surprise ad came in the form of Microsoft, which announced late in the day that it had a spot on advertising's biggest night. Called "Empowerment," the spot manages to make Microsoft look like a cutting-edge company, out to do things that bring humanity to new heights. (It's something, in fact, that Google has managed to do really well in its advertising.)

The spot, voiced by former NFL sageyt Steve Gleason, who has ALS, shows all the wonderful things that technology can do, when used right. Mr. Gleason now uses a Surface Pro tablet with eye-tracking technology to speak. You can see a longer video of Gleason here.

Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos told Ad Age that the buy made sense because Microsoft's Xbox and Surface are NFL sponsors and Bing is partners with the Seattle Seahawks. "It seemed like the logical next step," he said. "It didn't hurt that our local team is in the game."