Wondering How Old You Look? Microsoft's Site Thinks It Can Tell You

Experiment by Machine Learning Team Tries to Guess the Age You Appear

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May 01, 2015

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So we guess this is what Microsoft engineers do for fun. The company's Machine Learning team created a site that attempts to tell you how old you look, as part of its experimentation with Microsoft's newly-released Face Detection API's.

The site allows you to choose pre-selected images or upload your own to determine what the general population would probably guess to be the subject's age.

The ML team initially had sent the site to several hundred people for feedback, hoping at least 50 would try it out, but it turned out that within just a few hours, 35,000 hit the page. Seems like lots of people are curious to find out how old the rest of the world thinks they look.

We tested it out on our end, with a number of people we know, and so far, the guesses seem pretty off -- unless the mugs we sent actually don't look their age.