Miller Lite's 1975 timeshare will help you escape 2020

Travel hideaway celebrates the year the beer went national

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Sep 02, 2020

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Escaping the awfulness of 2020 has been a theme in marketing this year. Popeye's, for example, fast-forwarded to next year, as with its New Year's ball drop, while Burger Kning jumped to Christmas early. Miller Lite, however, wants to take you back in time to when things were (possibly) simpler.

The brand is promoting a 1975-themed lake house timeshare on to mark the year that its beer went national. Located in Mona Lake, Michigan, the property is decked out in '70s decor, with an avocado kitchen, shag carpet, wood paneling and house plants. It comes with a mini bar full of retro snacks, while guests can also enjoy ‘70s-style slippers, koozies, frisbees, playing cards and a pinball machine. Not surprisingly, Miller Lite is also offering copious amounts of free beer. 

The lake house is bookable from Friday, for $96 a night, for dates between September 10 and September 30. Courtney Dugan, director of activation for Miller Lite, described it in a statement "as a groovy space for a small group to get together, put on a record, crack open some beers, and escape 2020 for a couple days.”

Miller's longtime PR firm ICF Next worked on the project.