Move Over Used Car Salesmen -- Cuddly Puppies Are 'Selling' Pre-Owned Minis

Pooches With GoPros Shoot 'K9 Showroom' Website Footage

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Jul 13, 2015

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Used car salespeople better look out. They have a new rival -- cute puppies.

To show off some of its certified pre-owned cars, Mini has set up the K9 Showroom, a website where you can watch, via webcam, adorable puppies explore the inside of the vehicles. Visitors can choose from four different pups named Cooper, Turbo, Ziggy and Zaggy and watch them explore the cars with footage filmed via Go Pro cameras attached to their backs. You can also "tweet a treat" and watch as the pooches sniff out treats that drop from a treat booth. While it's not live footage, it gives the impression that you're watching the dogs in real time -- and anyway, who cares? They're cute, and it's much more fun than visiting a real used car showroom.

Even if you don't want to buy a car, you can follow a link to adopt a puppy via the Best Friends Animal Society, with whom Mini has teamed up. Mini is also donating to Best Friends Animal Society for every certified pre-owned vehicle that's financed through Mini Financial Services.

The site, created by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, will be promoted through paid ads on Facebook and Twitter throughout July.