Ministry of Foreign Affairs Romania : Check Out USA

Come home to Romania.

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Sep 26, 2012

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Currently, Romanian citizens traveling to the U.S. have to get a visa to enter the country. For it to get in on the Visa Waiver Program, it needs to have a visa refusal rate of under 3%. The problem is, many Romanians overstay their visa, which brings the refusal rate higher. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with the U.S. Embassy and agency Kaleidoscope Proximity in Bucharest, created a Facebook app to increase awareness of the importance of coming home in time.

Noticing that many check-ins on Facebook are at the airport, the agency developed an app that lets you travel the U.S. through Google Street View, and "check in" to the country. Just like in real life, they get a limited amount of time to stay there -- two minutes, in this case. The app is blocked if you overstay; and the only way out is to "check out" and come back home in time.


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