Ryan Reynolds serves up a print ad in Mint Mobile Super Bowl stunt

Carrier gives away 300,000 months of free service in lieu of paying for a Big Game commercial

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Jan 30, 2020

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Ryan Reynolds is running circles around CMOs. 

Perhaps best known for films such as "Deadpool," Reynolds doesn’t limit himself to just movies; he owns a production company, Maximum Effort, as well as a liquor brand, Aviation Gin. He’s also the owner of Mint Mobile, a 4-year-old, low-cost carrier that’s more akin to MetroPCS than it is to Verizon. 

Although Mint Mobile made its Super Bowl debut last year with “Chunky Style Milk,” the carrier has opted to sit out this year's Big Game. On Wednesday, Reynolds explained why to his 15 million-plus Twitter followers: 

Reynolds’ tweet drew 1,300 retweets and about 14,000 likes within the first two hours it posted, bringing plenty of attention to a relatively unknown brand. He also included an image of Mint’s New York Times’ ad, which essentially describes the $5 million price tag to advertise in the Super Bowl as ridiculous (though it didn’t seem like a bad idea to Mint last year).

“On Sunday, some companies will spend over $5 million dollars [sic] to advertise in a game so expensive I can’t even mention its name lest we summon its army of lawyers,” the copy in The Times read. “As the new owner of Mint Mobile, that’s a HARD no.” 

He then goes on to explain that Mint offers wireless service for just $15 a month. “So we could literally give away over 300,000 months of free service and still save money. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” 

Those who want to take up Reynolds on his deal must sign up for Mint Mobile after kickoff and before the final whistle in exchange for three months of service. 

Reynolds garnered headlines in the marketing world after he parlayed a disastrous Peloton ad as a way to promote Aviation Gin. The “Deadpool” star hired the wife—actress Monica Ruiz—to star in the spot. Similar to his Super Bowl stunt, Reynolds tweeted the video to his followers saying, “Exercise bike not included.”