Watch The New Yorker's Delightful, Innovative Cover Animation

Animator Chris Ware Brings a Touching Parenting Tale to Life

Published On
Dec 03, 2015

Editor's Pick

With an animated version of its latest cover, The New Yorker brings a touching parenting tale from the city to life.

"Mirror," which subscribers can view on their digital devices for the Dec. 7 edition of The New Yorker, is a collaboration between animators Chris Ware and John Kuramoto, radio program "This American Life," interviewer Ira Glass and writer Hanna Rosin. It's based on a story by Rosin -- a simple tale of a conversation with her 13-year-old daughter -- told in a typically self-questioning New York manner. Glass' role as interviewer/narrator is therapist-like, and the beautifully crafted animation brings every emotional nuance to life (with Manhattan very much playing a supporting role).

Ware, on The New Yorker's website, calls the cover an "experiment in storytelling form" -- and it's already gaining plaudits worldwide, with the Washington Post asking whether Ware has influenced the very future of the magazine cover.