Sniff Out the Rogue Agent on 'Mission Impossible' Interactive Site

Fans Can Win Chance to Attend Movie's World Premiere

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Jun 10, 2015
Mission Impossible Interactive Site

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Paramount is promoting the upcoming film "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" with an interactive site that invites people to become an agent working alongside the IMF team.

Created by production house Unit9, the campaign requires players to identify a rogue agent out of ten potential suspects by completing three mini-activities and collecting clues that will lead them to the guilty party. The series of challenges involves cross-media connections between users' mobile devices and desktop. Once their mission has been completed, each user has to select who they believe is the rogue agent; they can then enter a sweepstakes for the chance to attend the movie's world premiere in Vienna.


Jun 10, 2015
Brand :
Paramount Pictures
Client :
Paramount Pictures
Production Company :
Creative :
Stephan Bischof
Executive Producer :
Alessandro Pula
Digital Producer :
Josselin Milon
Head of Design :
Sean Hobman
Design :
Steven Mengin
Art Director :
Sean Hobman
Art Director :
Steve McGeorge
Motion Graphics :
Godart Raets
Motion Graphics :
Julian Faas
Motion Graphics :
Sophie Langhor
Copywriting :
Bertie Film
Tech Lead :
Artur Gutkowski
User Experience :
Quentin Gauvrit
Developer :
Michal Przyszczypkowski
Developer :
Peter Altamirano
Developer :
Adrian Lolo
Developer :
Krzysztof Skoracki
Sound Effects :
Richard Nathan
Quality Assurance :
Quality Assurance Manager :
Dominic Berzins
Quality Assurance Senior Tester :
Mark Hinge
Quality Assurance Tester :
Roberta Carbone

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