NASA : Mission Juno

The countdown begins.

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May 05, 2011

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Teaming with the Southwest Research Institute and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, today launched this interactive storytelling site introducing Mission Juno. The program aims to gather data on Jupiter's composition, atmosphere and how it was formed, among other things. The second spacecraft designed under NASA's New Frontier's Program, Juno is set to take off on August 5, 2011. The Project Juno site provides an immersive, storytelling experience to keep audiences informed and engaged throughout the mission, which will take six and a half years. It incorporates HD video, 3-D models, animation, Flash and NASA-provided assets. Closer to August launch, mobile and social components will be added, including a feature that allows the general public to vote on which images a JunoCam will send back to earth when the mission launches.


May 06, 2011
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:
Jon Kamen
Chief Creative Officer:
James Spindler
Chief Technology Officer:
Evan Schechtman
Executive Producer:
Maggie Meade
Art Director:
Michael Wasilewski
Andy Ray Wong
Information Architect:
Peter Gallo
Lead Producer:
Bryan Rodman
Interactive Producer:
James Calhoun
Content Producer:
Jiffy Iuen
Content Producer:
Rick Kaplan
Content Producer:
Logan Luchinger
Content Producer:
Nicole Catell
Remi Glestos
Paul Bastin
Back-End Programmer:
Avery Brooks
Back-End Programmer:
Marcel Esser
Back-End Programmer:
Front-End Programmer:
Justin Akin
Front-End Programmer:
Praveen Sharma
Front-End Programmer:
Mike Romaszewicz
Front-End Programmer:
Clemente Gomez
Content Manager:
Alix Pentecost-Farren
Content Manager:
Eileen Tang
Marcus Woo
Senior Art Director:
Kristen Cahill

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