This funny Mitsubishi ad perfectly parodies wildlife documentaries

'Mockumentary' style spot promotes the ASX model in the UK

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Jan 09, 2019

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Mitsubishi is promoting its ASX model in the U.K. with a "mockumentary" style ad that takes place in a "sanctuary for overworked humans." 

Created by Golley Slater, the 90-second ad takes place in what looks like an animal sanctuary but is instead filled with overworked accountants, chefs and supermarket cashiers. The tongue-in-cheek spot focuses on the rehabilitation of one accountant, "Colin," as the final scene shows the Mitsubishi ASX reuniting him with his family, perfectly parodying the inspirational tone of animals being released back into the wild.

The film was produced by Fresh Films and directed by experienced mockumentary director Sami Abusamra -- who nails the wildlife documentary tone pretty accurately.  Boutique VFX and finishing house Stone Dogs worked on post.