A low-res Elle Fanning races to a movie premiere in Miu Miu's video game

Stink Studios Paris creates another fun, 8-bit diversion for the fragrance line

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Feb 28, 2020

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Need a quick break from work to de-stress but still want to rack up accomplishments? Miu Miu and Elle Fanning are back with the next installment of their 8-bit in-browser video game.

Become a Miu-vie Star” features a pixelated sprite of Fanning, white dress flying behind her, as she races to a movie premiere, collecting bottles of Miu Miu Twist Eau de Toilette in a fast-paced side-scroller complete with airborne mini games.

The project was created by Stink Studios Paris, which was also responsible for the previous game “Be The First Woman on the Miun,” a tricky bit of timed jumping that propels the low-res Fanning into outer space.

Both games grew out of last year’s “Twist” film, starring Fanning in a series of roles illustrating puns on the brand’s name (itself a reference to the nickname of founder Miuccia Prada).



Feb 28, 2020
Client :
Miu Miu
Agency :
Stink Studios
Brand Manager :
Alexandra Beaumont
Creative :
Pauline Weiss
Creative :
Selda Yurekten
Agency Management :
Greg Panteix
Project Director :
Bruno Muszynski
Pixel Artist :
Thomas Lean
Sound Designer :
Romain Rope

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