Gamers Set Off Fireworks Using Microsoft's 'Mixer' Streaming Platform

215 McCann Created Campaign to Launch the Live Streaming Service

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Jun 15, 2017

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In a stunt to introduce its "Mixer" game streaming platform (and potential competitor to Twitch), Microsoft put on a fireworks display that viewers could control themselves.

The activity, created last month by 215 McCann, let viewers choose the colors, shapes, and sizes of fireworks via a panel of interactive buttons. As the community members spent Sparks (Mixer's interactive currency), their names and Spark contribution appeared in a real-time ticker to show that the community collectively launched the fireworks.

The hosts of the display also interacted with the community, responding to their comments. In total, the night saw over 4.3 million Sparks spent to set off 11 waves of fireworks. Seems like something Microsoft should consider revisiting come July 4.