Arnold Schwarzenegger Prepares to Fight in Machine Zone's 'Mobile Strike' Super Bowl Teaser

App Game Maker Returns to the Super Bowl

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Feb 04, 2016

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App game maker Machine Zone will air an ad in Super Bowl 50, the company said Tuesday night, confirming an earlier report by Ad Age.

During a CBS special about Super Bowl ads, Machine Zone announced its upcoming Super Bowl buy for "Mobile Strike" with a teaser and an appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has starred in recent ads for the game.

In the spot, Mr. Schwarzenneger, dressed in a suit, goes on an elevator ride, but when the doors open, he emerges in full miltary regalia, geared up for a huge battle. "Join me, and strike!" his voiceover says, as the spot cuts to scenes of a battlefield where Arnold, looking very much like his Terminator self, spews ammo at enemies from a tablet.

The Super Bowl work was created by TwoFifteenMcCann.

The company advertised in the Super Bowl last year with an ad for "Game of War: Fire Age" that starred Kate Upton.