Why Coors Banquet has been stolen, smuggled and sought after since 1873

Mekanism Chicago launches latest work directed by Januz Kaminski

Published On
Mar 25, 2020


The latest work from Coors Banquet and Mekanism Chicago tells the history of Banquet as the beer that has been 'Stolen, Smuggled and Sought After since 1873' and highlights the coveted nature of the beverage, a historic brand that has rich history in Colorado and beyond. Each spot features a way in which the beer has been tracked down over the years, whether smuggled backstage at a concert, or carried over state lines in the dead of night.

“Coors Banquet is brewed only in Golden Colorado so folks have always had to go to great lengths to get it. It’s been smuggled across state lines, into dry counties and it’s even rumoured that Gerald Ford ordered secret service agents to smuggle Banquet onto Air Force One. Our audience craves authentic brands and experiences so we are tapping into these legends to tell the story of this legendary brand," says Tommy Means, co-founder and co-chief creative officer at Mekanism.

With VO from Sam Elliot and directed by renowned cinematographer Januz Kaminski, the spots evoke the iconic beverage’s reputation as the coveted beer.




Mar 25, 2020
Agency :
Creative Agency :
Mekanism - Chicago
Chief Marketing Officer :
Michelle St. Jacques
Sr. Director of Brand Marketing :
Aaron Ormond
Marketing Manager :
Kristina Hannant
Marketing Manager :
Sarah Walsh
Associate Marketing Manager :
Allison Miller
Co-Founder and CCO :
Tommy Means
Associate Creative Director :
Aaron Cathey
Associate Creative Director :
Philipe Dião
Head of Production :
Kati Haberstock
Executive Producer :
Jessica Eliasek
Senior Talent Manager :
Kourtney Luster
Group Brand Director :
Kristin Woodke
Brand Supervisor :
Kyle Goethals
Brand Coordinator :
Hali Gilstrap
Chief Strategy Officer :
Jeremy Daly
Associate Strategy Director :
Reema Rao-Patel
Director of Social Strategy :
Josh Druding
Production :
Independent Media
Director :
Janusz Kaminski
Executive Producer / Managing Director :
Susanne Preissler
Executive Producer :
Liam Ahern
Head of Production :
Fern Martin
Line Producer :
Joan Babchak
Video :
Arcade Edit
Editor :
Paul Martinez
Executive Producer :
Crissy DeSimone
Producer :
Sarah Schachte
VFX Supervisor :
Marek Glaser
Executive Producer :
Lisa Houck
Producer :
Annie Chen
Sound Design :
Another Country
Sound Engineer :
Jordan Stalling
Producer :
Louise Rider

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