Duracell's Canadian Bus Shelter Heats Up When Occupants Hold Hands

Latest Heated Bus Shelter Stunt Took Place In Montreal

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Mar 13, 2014

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The polar extremes of this past winter have certainly been good for one thing -- heated bus shelter campaigns. We've seen a tourist campaign for Fort Lauderdale, a campaign for a homeless charity underlining lack of heat and one for Coke giving Swedes a taste of summer. The latest is Duracell, whose Montreal bus shelter, devised by Cossette, only heats up if its occupants hold hands (forming a human chain between two sides of the shelter which activate the heat). Although a number of YouTube commenters seem worried about the spread of germs, it's an idea that brings a smile to commuters' faces -- which surely is the point of the campaign, titled "Moments of Warmth."