Blue Apron Delivers Emotion From Monday Through Friday in Campaign From Droga5

Brand Brings Real-Life to Meal Kit Marketing

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Jan 12, 2018

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As the meal-kit delivery industry has grown, marketing has become a bit expected. Typically, TV spots zoom in on fresh ingredients being easily prepared by budding and joyous home chefs. Traditional and online ads target people with a plethora of introductory discounts.

Now Blue Apron, one of the bigger players in the sector, is digging into the emotions of diners who use the service, even in less-than-cheery moments.

The "What Cooking Can Do" campaign from Droga5 began airing on TV with an anthem ad. But it's the individual weeknight versions--there's one each set to run daily, Monday through Friday--that set out to nurture a human connection to the brand, with tales geared around the joys, and woes of everyday life.

On Monday, seen here, there's a couple coming in from a rainy day, with tension going beyond wet hair hanging in the air between them. Their troubles are alleviated by, you guessed it, a Blue Apron meal.

On Tuesday, a brother and sister prepare dinner for a busy working mom and seem proud not just of their efforts, but of hers.

On Wednesday, there's some touching and perhaps too relatable struggles and humor of a couple of new parents who can't exactly get their baby to sleep long enough to enjoy a meal for two.

On Thursday, an older gentleman who learns to cook after the death of his wife has his son over for a meal.

On Friday, it's time to party as a woman has friends over for dinner.

The stories come after Blue Apron "received thousands of stories from customers who have shared with us the emotional and transformative experience they have had with our meals," CMO Jared Cluff says in a statement.

Droga5 has been Blue Apron's agency since 2016. Its latest work is a bit of a departure for the company, which a year ago felt its brand awareness was high enough that it could focus its message around the broader idea of food's provenance. Now, it's back to a meal-kit message. The new campaign comes soon after Blue Apron named a new CEO and as its stock continues to hover around $3.50, well off last summer's $10 debut.

Blue Apron has cut back on marketing spending in recent periods. The company had 856,000 customers in the third quarter of 2017, down from 907,000 a year earlier. However, average revenue per customer increased over the same period, up to $245 from $227.


Jan 12, 2018
Brand :
Blue Apron
Client :
Blue Apron
Agency :
Droga5-New York

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