What Would Happen if a Piano Played Only One Note? Android Tests It Out

Droga5 Uses Music to Illustrate 'Be Together. Not the Same'

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Feb 17, 2016

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Google's latest salvo in its Android campaign puts its "Be Together. Not the Same" slogan to the test with a very unusual piano.

Droga5 created the "Monotune" piano so that every key plays the same note -- Middle C -- which, as you can see in a behind-the-scenes video, was quite a feat of engineering, involving much sawing and drilling. It then asked Ji, a professional pianist, to play a Beethoven piano sonata, first beautifully on a normal piano, and then turning to the hacked piano. The result is something pretty amazing to watch -- and it's a good illustration of the tagline.

Interestingly, it's the second time we've seen a piano analogy in adland recently; last month, Kia used the idea of Middle C being boring, but fundamental, to a piano in an Optima ad narrated by Christopher Walken.