Pixar : Monsters University

Imagine yourself at MU.

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Jan 03, 2013

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Welcome to Monsters University -- where tired platitudes abound. Pixar promotes its upcoming movie with this wonderful film parodying the boring, over-the-top and completely unrealistic college commercials that we see running on television ad nauseam. At first, the gorgeous animation makes it feel like a real commercial, until a little purple monster pops up spewing the same kind of nonsense "college grads" often do in these types of spots. Along with the film is a wonderful site which lets you explore Monsters University further. It's super detailed, with working links to sections with info about college gear (MU baseball cap, anyone?) and ID cards, as well as recent research that MU professors have done. It's tongue-in-cheek, of course, as one article begins: "Having a clear vision of one's work future dramatically increases satisfaction with the college experience -- even if that vision never comes true."


Jan 03, 2013

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