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Jul 10, 2011
The Mosquito Report

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Hate mosquitoes? A Swedish company has come up with a way to help foil them. The local office of mosquito repellent brand Thermacell teamed up with agency Deportivo to create an iPhone app that uses crowdsourcing to help find out how bad the mosquitoes are in different parts of the country.

The app, Myggrapporten, (the Mosquito Report in Swedish) lets users planning vacations or travel find out the bug situation locally in different parts of Sweden. It has a heat map with user-generated mosquito reports, with users submitting reports to rate the mosquito situation from "minor" to "unbearable".

Creators Deportivo say it's already become one of the most downloaded apps in the Swedish AppStore, and thousand of reports from all over Sweden have been submitted. Not only that but users from China, the US and Europe are also apparently submitting reports. And that's without an English language version as of yet.


Jul 11, 2011
Brand :
Client :
Digital Strategist :
Stefan Ronge
Art Director :
Tomas Masviken
Creative Director :
Anders Hallen
Web Developer :
Patrik Hedmalm
Producer :
Magnus Nilsson

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