Burger King New Zealand Opens Up a Motel So You Can 'Cheat on Beef'

ColensoBBDO Lets You Taste Some Chicken, Secretly

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Mar 26, 2014
Motel Burger King

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Motels can be seedy places, perfect for that clandestine affair -- or maybe a light snack? Burger King New Zealand is promoting its TenderCrisp Chicken Burgers by encouraging people to try them out discreetly, effectively cheating on The Whopper, the best-selling BK Burger.

Enter Motel Burger King, an existing motel on Auckland's North Shore where rooms feature booths and a table, and completely rebranded toiletries, dressing gowns, slippers and stationary. There just aren't any beds.

Rooms can be booked to try the new TenderCrisp Chicken Burgers via Facebook. If your booking is confirmed, you and three friends get a room. When you arrive, you have to check in via Facebook, and share photos via #motelBK.

The campaign, by ColensoBBDO is supported via radio, outdoor and pre-roll (which feature notable Kiwis caught cheating, and are narrated by Robert Magruder, who voices "Cheaters.")