Mother-London : Woolly Actors' Guild

In praise of woolly thespians.

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Jun 04, 2012

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Mother's knitted Monkey, a veteran actor who's been appearing in ads for over a decade, is back, this time with a campaign to get us to recognize the talents of fellow 'woolly' actors - whose talents, he says, often get left on the cutting room floor. The Woolly Actors' Guild (WAG) website therefore treats us to never before seen clips from classic movies such as Jaws, Scarface and Jurassic Park, featuring some well-known characters from classic British 70s kids' TV shows such as Rainbow and Bagpuss. If you've always wanted to see Zippy from Rainbow utter the immortal lines 'say hello to my little friend here,' in the Al Pacino role from Scarface - well, now is your chance.


Jun 04, 2012

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