Mother Nature shows a savage side in Apple's Earth Day spot

Filmmakers capture wild fury on the iPhone XS

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Apr 18, 2019

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Ahead of Earth Day, Apple presents an up-close homage to the power and ferocity of Mother Earth. Charging animals, coiled snakes, an avalanche tumbling down the side of a mountain, explosive lava—all are testament to nature’s fury.

And all are shot, of course, on the iPhone XS. Apple commissioned Camp4 Collective, a production company best known for the mountain climbing documentary “Meru,” to shoot the spot, using only iPhone footage taken in nine different countries, often in extreme environments.

No word on how many phones were crushed beneath stampeding hooves or melted in the overflow of geothermal furnaces, but the result is a stunning montage of strength, and at times brutality, all set to the screaming vocal and guitar riffs of Megadeth’s “Last Rites.”

The spot made its debut on Apple’s YouTube channel Apr. 17 and hits broadcast television in the days leading up to Earth Day on Apr. 22.