Mother New York Taps Weirdo to Stalk Potential Interns

The Agency Seeks out the Best and Brightest (Who Don't Mind Being Watched)

Published On
Apr 23, 2014

Editor's Pick

"Donald Buscando has viewed your LinkedIn profile."

Nothing weird about that. People view your LinkedIn profile all the time, or at least you hope they do. Savvy job seeker and networker that you are, you check out Donald's profile. "Director of Online Networking at Mother New York" -- that seems legitimate. He's "seeking interns"-- that sounds exciting. Wait, what's this about him spending hours on your profile and looking into your soul? Is it just you or is he inadvertently hitting on you via LinkedIn summary?

It's not just you.

Mother New York's latest hire is what thriller films -- with career-related subplots-- are made of. Creeptastic character Donald Buscando is on a mission to find the next group of creatives, strategists and producers for the agency's summer internship program. His double entendre-filled LinkedIn profile is not for those lacking a sense of humor or originality. He seeks -- and stalks -- the best, and those who don't fit the bill probably need not apply.

One more thing. Buscando. You've probably heard that before. If something seems to be niggling at you, it's probably vague memories of high school Spanish class. Buscando. Doesn't that mean "looking for?" Yeah, that isn't creepy at all.