Moms support their daughters' brave hairstyles in Dove's feel-good film

Campaign by Ki Saigon for Vietnamese market challenges the country's conservative attitude to hair

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Jun 12, 2018

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Dove's latest heartwarming film about women and their self-worth comes from Vietnam, where it look a look at mothers, daughters and their attitudes to hair.

In Vietnam, it's widely believed that experimenting with hair is not something "good girls" do. So Dove's creative agency Ki Saigon identified young women who were being braver with their hair via conversations on social media picking girls who were being vocal and sharing their stories on how they are judged based on their style.

Having interviewed the girls, Ki found that what the girls most wanted was the support of their mothers in their quest to be themselves. It then worked with the moms over several weeks and challenged them to do something bold to show their support. Although, as seen in the film here, they had some doubts, the plan worked and in the film's "reveal" the mothers show their solidarity with their daughters by getting their own brave hairstyles.

The content is being aired on social media and online channels, and the campaign will also run on billboards and OOH.


Jun 12, 2018
Ki Saigon
Dove (Vietnam)
Creative Director:
Kumkum Fernando
Art Director:
Chung Hoang
Head of Planning:
Indraneel Guha
Client Service Executive:
Minh Cuong
Creative Producer:
Tran Huy
Assistant Director:
Jenni Trang Le
Nina Bhatt
Production House:
May Production
Music Composer:
Ranil Goonawardene
Robin Mahieux
Anh Phi Cako
Director, Photography:
Ray Lavers

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