Brad Pitt's brother Doug recreates the finale of 'Se7en' for a local brewery

The surprisingly wholesome remake benefits charity

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May 10, 2019

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Brad Pitt’s slightly less-famous brother Doug is, by all accounts, a mild-mannered, Midwestern businessman. He’s also, by his own admission, not much of an actor. But he’s a good sport about living in the shadow of the movie star in the family. Pitt recently took a turn in front of the camera to recreate an iconic scene from his brother’s 1995 film “Se7en” to promote a Missouri brewery near his home.

In the climactic finale of David Fincher’s crime thriller, detective David Mills, played by Brad Pitt, confronts a serial killer who’s left a tragic surprise for the man pursuing him. In “6ix,” a two-minute spot for Mother’s Brewing Co., detective Doug Pitt finally finds the man who stole his six-pack of Doin’ Good Orange Wheat Ale, the brand’s latest bottled offering.

Pitt throws out wholesome epithets like, “Shut the flip up, you piece of snot!” as his partner reveals the terrible truth about what he’s lost. The tension ramps up as Doug wrestles with himself. To spray or not to spray?

The brewery is donating a portion of each sale to charity, in honor of Pitt, a hometown celebrity who’s founded his own charity, Care to Learn, and is involved with development efforts in Tanzania.

It’s not the first time Pitt has starred in an ad. It’s the second. In 2012, Virgin Mobile Australia enlisted him for a series of spots highlighting how even an average guy should have good wireless service.

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