Begone Mosquito! Agency Creates Device That Attacks the Buggers Where They Promise to Do the Most Harm

Idea Helps Thai Slums Through Another Local 'Infestation'--Motorcycles

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Feb 16, 2016

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The Zika virus is yet another frightening disease that proves how the mosquito may very well be not just the most annoying, but also one of the most lethal insects on the planet. So it seems quite timely that BBDO Thailand has come out with this clever idea to eradicate the nasty buggers in the areas they're prone to do the most damage.

Mosquito-borne illnesses, as well as mosquito infestation, are dreadful realities in Thailand slums -- according to the agency, 2015 alone saw a 207% increase of dengue patients in the area.

So BBDO Thailand, along with Duang Prateep Foundation, a non-profit charity that works to improve the lives of slum residents in Thailand, took advantage of another thing that has "infested" the area in an effort to eradicate mosquitoes. "MotoRepellent" is a lightweight device that attaches to motorcycles, the most common mode of transport in the slums. It's filled with non-toxic mosquito-repelling oil that emanates via exhaust pressure as the bikes drive around town -- helping to clear the area of mosquitos with each ride.

The foundation is hoping to raise the funds to increase the scale of the project around Thailand.


Feb 16, 2016
Brand :
Duang Prateep Foundation
Client :
Duang Prateep Foundation

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