Published On
Oct 13, 2019



Game Fuel is no ordinary energy drink. Formulated with the help of elite gamers, Game Fuel was created to keep you accurate, alert and at the very top of your game. In 2019, we established Game Fuel as Victory in Can. In 2020, we proved it.


After a big reveal last year, we needed to prove to our audience that Game Fuel was still the go-to drink for elite gamers.


In 2020, we positioned Game Fuel as the gaming beverage for leveling up from victory into full-blown domination. Because for elite gamers, winning once is never enough. There is always a new high score, a bigger boss, or a rival gamer to beat. And Game Fuel is the only drink that can give gamers the accuracy and alertness they need to get to the top of the leaderboard... And stay there.