Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom launched its new campaign in line with the Summer Olympics.

Published On
Sep 30, 2020


At the Summer Olympics, Fruit of the Loom launched its rebrand - moving away from The Fruit Guys and into a brand that showed it could keep up with its active consumers.

The "Move to Comfort" campaign was released with new commercials on major networks:

- E!


- [email protected]



- bravo


- A&E


- Hulu



- Oxygen

- Lifetime

We made sure the commercials featured active people – breakdancers, gymnasts, parkour artists, which identified well with the Olympics.

After the Olympics were over, the new Fruit rebrand could be found in Better Homes and Gardens, InStyle and Good Housekeeping Magazine, both of which garnered 243 million impressions.

The new site featured videos of people in action, wearing Fruit of the Loom comfort wear. It also featured a space where users could upload an image of what moves them most in life, along with a brief description. And if that wasn’t interactive enough, the website included a downloadable playlist with songs consumers couldn’t help but move to.

Fruit of the Loom’s new social media goal was to be “best in class” across all social media platforms. So we assigned roles to each platform.

Once consumers got the message behind Move to Comfort, they were invited to show Fruit their moves for the chance to appear in a future television ad, via video submissions on Fruit of the Loom Facebook page or in-person auditions in August. Consumer voting on Fruit of the Loom's Facebook page chose the winners.

Overall, the Move to Comfort Campaign received 684 million impressions, 13 primetime spots, 102% units over 2 weeks, 927k website visitors and 58k clicks from the PPC campaign.