Grolsch Beer Bottles Become Keys to Unlocking Online Content

New Tech out of Russia Turns Caps into Something More Useful

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Jul 29, 2014

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Beer bottles--not just good for holding beer. That's the point behind this technology from St. Petersburg, Russia-based app developer Head and Hands, which allows beer drinkers to unlock online content with a simple swipe of a bottle. The company saw a current promotional campaign in Russia for Grolsch beer, which allowed customers to enter promo codes on bottles to access free movies on partner websites, and decided to take it a big step further.

Why should customers have to bother entering codes when they could just use the bottle to do the work for them? Head and Hands created what it calls a "one-touch" technology that uses radio signals to transmit the unlocking info from a beer bottle top to the user's device. The top contains a beacon that transmits information to a server with a serial number that lets users unlock the movie of their choice.


Jul 29, 2014
Brand :
Client :
Chief Executive Offier :
Aleksandr Semenov
Art Director :
Ilya Burakov
IT Director :
Anton Maksimov
Senior Front-End Developer :
Alexey Efremov
Developer :
Igor Glushkov
Developer :
Alexander Maslennikov

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