U.K. Retailer Advises Gay Bridegrooms to 'Think Outside the Closet'

House of Fraser is Latest Brand to Feature Same Sex Marriage in YouTube film

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Aug 20, 2014

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What do you wear to your gay wedding? Same sex marriage became legal in England and Wales in March of this year, and now British department store chain House of Fraser is targeting same-sex bridegrooms with a short YouTube film advising them on style.

It features a male model in variety of outfits, with a female voiceover unabashedly playing to gay fashion stereotypes, advising him to be a "diva about detail" and "think outside the closet." He's eventually joined by his partner, and they enjoy a long kiss whlie the V.O. tells them to "get a room." The film directs viewers to a landing page tagged "take him up the aisle."