This Heartrending PSA About Melanoma Is Played Out in Reverse

Ad Tells Chilling Story of a Young Girl's Death From Cancer

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Jun 14, 2016

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In this chilling PSA by melanoma awareness organization Mollie's Fund, a heartrending story about the dangers of sunbathing at a young age is played out in reverse over the innocent soundtrack of classic kids' song "Mr. Sun."

The film opens with a young woman on her deathbed, dying of cancer and we then see her story unfold backwards -- from chemotherapy, to being diagnosed, to noticing a mole on her arm, and finally, in the last scene, sunbathing in a bikini as a young girl.

Aimed at parents, it was created by Area23, an FCB Health Network agency, and sensitively directed by Kasra Farahani of Chromista, the production company co-founded by Darren Aronofsky . "Starting with a sunburn and showing its consequences has proven largely ineffective," said Elliot Langerman, creative director of Area 23, in a statement. "We believe parents will find greater resonance and relevance in this telling of the story, particularly the final image. By closing on a young, innocent girl instead of a "cancer patient", we allow people to draw the connection to the people in their own life. Hopefully this inspires them to take action while there is still time."

The Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation was created in 2000 in her memory after her death at the age of twenty. Her mother Maggie Biggane, co-founder of Mollie's Fund,said: "I have an extremely hard time watching this. The opening brings me right back to when our daughter had melanoma and how she looked towards the end. It's heartbreaking but also completely realistic."


Jun 14, 2016
Agency :
Area 23
Brand :
Mollie's Fund
Client :
Mollie's Fund

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