Wait, Is This an Epic Romance? Or a Car Commercial? Or Both?

Toyota Japan's 'H.H.' Campaign Returns With a Female Protagonist

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Sep 30, 2014

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Toyota Japan is back with a new version of its Hybrid Harrier campaign in which an actor plays the role of the car -- but this time featuring a woman.

Last year, Toyota launched the Hybrid Harrier with a campaign featuring two versions, the first with a mysterious man named "H.H." in the role of the car. Now agency Tugboat Tokyo has created this new version featuring "Ms. H.H." As with the previous effort, Toyota Japan's website shows the two versions of the ad side-by-side, while on TV the first version acts as a teaser.

In the ad, shot by director Kosai Sekine in the style of a romantic epic, a young man is captivated by a mysterious woman, catching sight of her on a windswept cliff, then dreaming of pursuing her through an exotic, 1930s-styled Asian city and musing on how contradictory he finds her. All of this is meant to convey the car's "two sides": qualities such as being eco-friendly as well as powerful, and sophisticated as well as having the "wildness" of a 4x4.

A cinematic look and feel, coupled with great scenery and costumes, help make it work.