Muji Offers Families a Chance to Meet Their Mini-Me's at the Far End of the Earth

Retailer teams with ANA on travel contest with a 3D printed twist

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Jul 12, 2013

Editor's Pick

Summer's the time for travel-related contests, like this recent one from Heineken. Now Japanese retailer Mujihaveteamed with the country's airline ANA to launch another round-the-world adventure, Muji to Go. Starting today through August 15, families around the globe will have the chance to win a "trip to the back of the earth."During the eligibility period, Muji customers who spend at least $25 at participating stores in Tokyo, Osaka, New York and Shanghaican have themselvesscanned in 3D at the storesto create their own mini me's. Ten of those families will then getto reunite with their little likenessesin an exotic location of their choice. The poignant film here, shot in an elegant, understated style fitting for the Muji brand, imagines one lucky family's excursionand reunion with their tiny selves. The campaign was created out of Tokyo agency Party.