This Hipster Has the Most Amazing Mustache (to Match His Amazing Notebook PC)

Lenovo Shows Off Its YOGA 900 in a Charming Mini Rom-Com

Published On
Oct 20, 2015

Editor's Pick

In this charming Lenovo ad, a hipster with a ridiculously elaborate mustache sits in a cafe while he manipulates his Lenovo YOGA 900, a new convertible notebook that lives up to its name. As he deftly moves it through its various positions -- including laptop, tent and tablet -- we watch as his mustache comically reconfigures itself, echoing his YOGA's poses. But we're not the only ones witnessing the magic. This being a French cafe (judging from the frisky accordion soundtrack), love is in the air. Our hipster and a lovely young lady make eye contact, twice, and ... what happens next? We don't know, because the spot simply ends and cuts to a tagline: #Goodweird. Lenovo, make a sequel, please.