This 'Mutant Font' Is Designed to Protect Your Internet Privacy

Online Typeface Designed to Throw Off Data Stealers

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Apr 02, 2015

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Earlier this week, Pentagram and designer Paula Scher devised a cool new typeface for The New School that featured a shifting system of letterform widths, an idea meant to illustrate the institution's flexible curriculum. Now Brazilian agency Africa, Ad Age's 2014 International Agency of the Year, has devised a "Mutant Font" for Amnesty International, designed to ward off anyone trying to swipe and use people's private data. According to Africa, it's an attempt to "write a new chapter in the struggle for internet privacy."

How does it work? Online trackers seek out text online through the shape of characters or the source font. So Mutant Font's design includes small graphic interventions that will block machines from viewing its shapes. It comprises seven different fonts that generate thousands of codes to confuse tracking. Its algorithm is also shuffled every 24 hours to impede automatic scanning.

Those who want to use Mutant Font can log onto, then type their copy into the generator. The site will generate code that you can then paste into your blog editor.

@font-face {font-family: 'Fonte_Mutante_3';font-style: normal;src: url('') format('truetype')} .fonte_mutante_3 { font-family: Fonte_Mutante_3; font-size:16px; letter-spacing: 1px;}